Questions for All Versions of APCC

How can I find out if I have the OpenGL 1.5 or later version?

OpenGL support is usually determined by the graphics card in your system. There are probably many ways to find out but here is one free utility you can use:


APCC has a sophisticated meridian limits mechanism that will allow you to define the limit the mount can track past the meridian at multiple declination values. Will this also prevent slews to these positions? I will often be starting imaging east of meridian but would like reasurance that GOTOs with a negative meridian delay won't hit anything.

APCC (and also the ASCOM driver) have "safe slews" built into them to prevent slews that cause collisions in "counterweight-up" conditions.  The slews occur in multiple stages.  If you are starting a slew from a counterweight up position (i.e. you have tracked past the meridian), the first part of the slew will be in right ascension only.  The mount will move in RA until the mount enters a normal, counterweight down orientation.  It will then slew in both axes until the RA reaches the meridian, and the Dec fully completes its slew.  Finally, with the Dec having arrived at its safe position, it will then complete the slew in RA only to the starting point east of the meridian with the counterweight up.


The feature that allows windows to be resized and saved does not seem to be working properly.

Please refer to the explanation Saving Resized Windows.

I am having problems when I shut down APCC or alternatively when I start up APCC with the AP V2 ASCOM Driver.  The driver appears to lock up and stops responding.

Open the AP V2 ASCOM Driver's Telescope Setup Window.  In the COM Port Details group box, you will find a setting to "Use ASCOM Serial Object."   If this is checked, uncheck it.  If it is not checked, try checking it.  The driver has two low-level serial DLL drivers - one from ASCOM, and one that is native to our driver that is written in C++.   Some computers and USB serial adapters seem to prefer one over the other.

APCC Pro Version Questions

Do I need the full version of PinPoint or can I use the version that comes with MaxIm DL?

To do plate solving you need the full version of PinPoint. This is only required if you plan to use APCC Pro. You do not need PinPoint for the standard version of APCC.


Can TheSkyX be used in place of the full PinPoint?

No, for now only PinPoint is supported.


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